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Attention Elf’s this is important.

Super Junior can have a chance to perform on 2014 World Cup that’s going to be on Brazil, but it’s not just for brazillian Elf’s it’s for everyone because Wold Cup is going to be aired all over the World and this is our chance!

So vote here:

clicking on the stars that’s next to the word ”votar/vote” and that’s it.


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best pants of all times. 

Oh hai

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@Heedictator: 헨리랑 조미랑 ‘늑대의 유혹’ 봤음. 려욱이의 새로운 모습!! 꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건의 려욱이가 자꾸 떠올랐다 :)

Trans: Watched “Temptation of Wolves” with Henry and Zhou Mi. Ryeowook’s new look!! Kept reminding me of Ryeowook in Attack on the Pin-Up Boys :)


asdgfadgfdag! claro que SUJU son los mejores! de eso no hay duda!!


Zhou Mi to his Honeys (110524 I Like Radio - translated by @zhouminews)

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