Hyukjae did 55 push ups in 30 seconds.

eyes in coup d’etat mv


it’s a cool mv from a metaphorical standpoint, i mean..

he’s clawing for revolution in (korean) music and he’s all wrinkly and dehydrated because of current music slash his past music that he’s not proud of

he has this hole in his heart and then through that hole you can see GD, but the girls in the background are obv trying to get in or reach in and that would be so easy if you just peeped through the hole (“heart” of GD) on the wall but they won’t or can’t

and him getting electrified almost in the midst of all the trash(-y music haha get it)

and the fact that his eyes are covered at first, like ‘he was just like them’ but now he’s covered everywhere BUT the eyes in his red ninja clothes (red just like the hole in his heart) and he can see clearly but the reporters cluttered around him are all blind-folded 

and his white mask or whatever from heartbreaker era is him before he ~realized~ that he was just a toy of popular media (bummer because i love that album) and a drop of black (‘the real him’ idk) drips from his eyes and woops it just waterfalls and the process of turning gd into his present state gets faster and faster 

and then he’s like throwing a rock at the wall blindfolded and thats the start of his own revolution slash revelation 

and then you see this statue of a face without the eyes and everything is barren and all

and then he rips his skin off = hes like transforming into an entirely new person 

and then you finally see his eyes and boom the rock he throws makes a puncture on the wall, the ~societal norm of music~ (i guess) 

and now he’s starting this revolution in this nifty red ninja suit and all you can see in him is his eyes 

so eyes are p important i guess

and thats a p cool mv 




Yoona for the “I Got A Boy” comeback.


What Eunhyuk just tweeted is actually a popular Korean meme.

It’s used as sarcasm when people feel betrayed or unhappy about something unexpected that happened.

He’s talking about Come to Play being cancelled.


jungli having eye sex looking at each other

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