I’m sad to say that I’m leaving tumblr for good… it was fun being here with you all but I have to move on. I won’t stop being a ELF, ever, I still love super junior with all my heart and i’ll be at SS6 for sure but I’m already 21 and i’m living with my partner and I’ll start working next month so I’ll be too busy being an adult to be here, yeah, that’s it, I won’t delete this blog tho because i want the memories i made here and i might even come back one day, who knows? bye bye <3


She’s The Man EunHae ver.

★ suju chick flicks
she’s the man | mean girls 


attention boys, i might be a little bit different...

Taeyeon’s comment: would you like to watch taeyeon’s circus once? hehi

Sunny’s reply: kim taeyeon, you already make my heart gooey enough

trans cr: ch0sshi


The sentence that makes Hyukjae the most happy
    ↳ I want to have you 


5184 x 3456


Not my gifs so credit goes to the owner

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