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I was tryng eat all pretty…Fail


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  • GD: you should check your girl's phone that's my face on the frame
  • Shindong:
  • Shindong:
  • Shindong: that is not funny, man



you are the cutest ever ;A;

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13 Photos From Taiwan’s First Same-Sex Buddhist Marriage

Huang Mei-yu and Yu Ya-ting wed Saturday in a traditional Buddhist ceremony. Their union still isn’t recognized by the Taiwanese government, though support for gay marriage is mounting across Asia.

By Jessica Testa on Buzzfeed

Buddhist Master Shih Chao-hwei performed the ceremony, giving the women his full support: “I am certain you will lead a life of happiness together, especially after you have overcome so much difficulty and societal discrimination,” he said. “You have blessings not only from the Buddha, but also from those whom you may or may not know who are in attendance.”

this is fantastic.

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