I’m In Love - Narsha

Quelqu’un Ma Dit | Carla Bruni

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“And then, of course, I have another family. I can’t leave out those 8 girls, who we really are like nine sisters.. SNSD. I don’t know how they may appear on the outside but on the inside, they’re all so open and pure and bright. They’re like little children at times but many other times, I really feel like they’re so mature and strong. Sometimes, they’re like 8 unnies and other times, like 8 dongsaengs, or 8 friends, and at times, like my mom and dad too. Taeyeon, whose laughter is so cute yet is like a mother to us. And Sooyoung, whose like the dad or like the oppa.. Shikshin Sooyoung. And then Jessica, who is like our unnie but her heart is so young and open. And then there’s the one who listens to all my worries and talks me through them together like I’m her child, Miyoung.. hehe Tiffany! And then, although it seems like she wouldn’t, she actually does take care of me so well and she’s so considerate and caring of me, Hyoyeon. And then, the one who shares a room with me and despite how messy and disorderly I am, she always understands me. And although we may spend the whole night up chatting, she always gets up early and wakes me up, our Yuri! And then there’s Yoona, although she’s so young, the way she thinks is so mature and respectful. And then despite the fact that she’s the maknae, she really doesn’t seem like it. She’s so young and pure to the point that she still loves children stories but without her, we cannot be SNSD… our Seohyun. Friends who are all so lovable and always make me so happy. They’re my family now. They always protect me and care for me so well.” 

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“I have a lot of guy friends around me, to be honest I think more than girl friends? Is it because I grew up with two older brothers? People often think I act like a guy, so being friends with them isn’t hard. The most fun part is that fans create lables, it’s interesting and funny to see!” - BoA

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you can’t deny their r²π

Daughter- Peter

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Donghae coming out of the waiting room after SJ-M interview

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And here we can see Hyukjae and Donghae practiquing the arts of subte public display of homosexuality.